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Five Tips and Tricks: How to Make Stata Easier to Use

with Jeff Meyer
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Stata allows you to describe, graph, manipulate and analyze your data in countless ways. But oftentimes it can be very frustrating trying to create even the simplest results.

Join us and learn how to reduce your future frustrations.

This one hour demonstration is for new and intermediate users of Stata. If you’re a beginner, the drop down commands can be extremely daunting.

If you’re an intermediate user and not constantly using Stata, it’s impossible to remember which commands generate the results you are looking to create.

This webinar, by guest presenter Jeff Meyer, will give you five actionable tips (and examples you can re-use) that will make your next analysis in Stata much simpler.

Covered in this webinar:

  1. Creating table with a do-file exactly as you need it
  2. A few methods (some easier than others) to create dummy variables out of a categorical variables with several categories
  3. At least three ways to insert a table into a document
  4. How to quickly alter the appearance of graphs through the use of macros
  5. How to aggregate data to the group level based on a number of parameters
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